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CHRIST Lammfelle Products

Made in Germany, these lambskin products are the highest quality we have come across.

Deluxe Bareback Pad  $549.99  

The best bareback pad that money can buy and the best piece of tack I have ever gotten!  We use our bareback pads for everything, training, trail rides, beach rides, lessons and anything else we do with our horses!  They make tacking up quick and easy and teach a good, solid, secure seat while providing a non slip, comfotable ride.  The knee rolls and cantle in the deluxe model really hold a rider in.  Comes with stirrup bars, carrying handle, breastplate d rings and a d ring at the back center for a crupper.  Zips apart for easy washing with C7 detergent on a gentle seting.  Treat yourself and your horse to luxury!  You both deserve comfort while riding bareback.

Tallina in her deluxe lambskin bareback pad

Lamfelle Basic Bareback Pad 

Same gorgeous pad quality without the knee blocks.  One piece.  Does not zip apart.  $499.99






CHRIST Lambskin Half Pad

Treat your horse to lambskin, an excellent shock absorber and will keep your horse's back cool and comfortable.

Available with or without the rolled edge (in photo) ($160-$210)

Square Dressage Pads $210

The luxury of a lambskin half pad combined with a high quality cotton dressage pad.  This pad is great if you don't like to layer your pads.  Can be used in competition and looks great under any saddle.


C7 Detergent $19.99

This detergent is great for washing lambskin, sheepskin, full seat breeches, chaps and anything else leather!  Only a small amount is needed in your washer, delicate setting, and your leather, wool or sheepskin products come out like new!